Rumination Cube

Rumination Cube is the first Mindful Distraction app we’re releasing. If you have any questions, suggestions, or need help with this app, please send an email to We’d love to hear from you!

What it’s About

Rumination Cube provides the opportunity for a person to achieve fine motor fidgeting which seems to be able to provide relief from the lack of opportunity for gross motor movement.

Humans are not designed to sit quietly all day, but societal demands have increased the pressure for people to do just that. Schools have increased cognitive demands for all children, which has resulted in less playtime and increased pressure to achieve higher academic standards. Adults are working in motionless office environments where they’re confined to sit next to their computers. As a result, both children and adults have an increased need to release energy built up from lack of whole body movement. Fidgeting is a natural response to this situation.

The glory of the Rumination Cube is that is does not have a goal; it is not a competitive game. Not having a goal provides a cognitive relief from our goal-driven society.

It provides a dialectical blending of opposites where mindless distraction and creative mindfulness coexist harmoniously. As the rumination cube twists, twirls and turns, it instills a loosened state of mind, similar to the experience of staring into a campfire or taking a shower. Mental energy pent-up from lack of physical movement (often exhibited as fidgeting) is released by this app. This relaxed state of mind promotes organization of creative thoughts by stimulating and subduing the spatial reasoning areas of the brain.

Upcoming Features

Here are a few items we’re planning to implement next for this app. If you have additional suggestions, please email! We greatly value all input and take it very seriously!

  • Create invisible barriers so the cube does not fly off the screen
  • Add physics to non-rotation motions
  • Set an expansion limit to maintain control
  • Set a movement limit to maintain control